{Unbaised} VPN Watcher Reviews ~ Everything You need to Know!

Are you looking to get an extra bit of security? Well, a lot of people nowadays are looking to protect themselves when their VPN connection fails. Well, it’s quite essential for P2P downloaders who run sites like torrent all the time and don’t want that their VPN connection to drop.

An online privacy protection tool like VPN Watcher can help you in such scenarios. It ensures that whenever your internet connection drops, it will safeguard your identity and quickly disconnect the internet. And as soon as your device reconnects to the VPN server, it will start the programs again.

In this article, we’ll look into some of the features of VPN Watcher and share every possible detail with you. So, let’s quickly dive in and find out what are the features a VPN Watcher offers.

VPN Watcher

VPN Watcher is a VPN monitoring tool that keeps an eye when your established VPN connection is down. Undoubtedly, VPN Watcher is one of the best software which can actually hide your internet activity from the ISP.

Overall, a VPN Watcher is an online privacy protection tool that can hide BitTorrent clients and apps in case your VPN get fails. But this VPN Watcher doesn’t have huge servers such as PureVPN or ExpressVPN. Even it is a bit pricy, but nothing is better than hiding and maintaining privacy if it costs you a few bucks.

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The best thing about the VPN Watcher is it only costs you a one-time subscription plan. If you don’t want to spend money on, you can avail and use the freemium version; however, it can only allow you to add one application at a time.

Now, talking about the premium plans, the VPN Watcher offers superior connection checks, ensuring the VPN connectivity every 99ms. With the free plan, you can connect only one device; however, with the paid plan, you can connect up to 5 devices.

The plans divided into three categories:-

  • Free
  • Personal
  • Gold

The Free version lets you connect one device at a time, and you can control only one application at a time. In the Personal version, you can connect up to 2 devices and can control the application. The Gold version you can connect up to 5 devices and can unlimited control applications.

  • Personal Plan Costs you $9.95.
  • Gold Plan Costs you $19.90.

So, when signup for any of the packages, you can get the VPN Watcher serial number that upgrades the tools. Now, talking about the payment method, then the software accepts 2Checkout. You can do the payments with PayPal as well as Credit Cards. There is no money-back guarantee, so think twice and then buy it.

Is VPN Watcher Secure and Legit?

VPN Watcher radically works on the PPTP, L2TP as well as OpenVPN Protocols. Indeed VPN Watcher is one of the best online privacy mechanisms in existence. The developers of VPN Watcher make it open-source and regularly updates it. The protocol uses the 256-bit military-grade encryption so that it can keep your identity hide from the real world.

With VPN Watcher you can simply avoid PPTP because of the abundance of vulnerabilities. Now, if you have Mac, then here is the bad news for you the software is not available for macOS. Overall, the software is secure and legitimate and does provide you the best security in the industry.


This privacy protection software is compatible with platforms like Windows, Android as well as iOS.

Here is the step by step guide to showcase how VPN Watcher Windows 10 works:-

i) Download and install OpenVPN on your device.

ii) ii) Now you need to add programs that you want to shut down in case the VPN gets disconnected. The programs again restart or resume once the VPN is activated.

iii) Click on the app area, and select ‘Add Application’ and boom.

That’s all! You have successfully installed and activated the VPN Watcher/.

The VPN Watcher comes with the presets for providers such as ibVPN, HideMyAss, StrongAss as well as PureVPN. Moreover, you can setup this tool with PPTP and L2TP; however, OpenVPN is a good alternative.

You can even use the Android app of VPN Watcher, and frankly speaking, after 15 days of usage, I personally find that the app is of no use when it comes to protection against the VPN failure.

VPN Watcher Reviews

VPN Watcher Android App

Well, the VPN Watcher does offer the Android app; however, after using it for a few days, I am a little disappointed with the Android app. It can perform tasks like Blacklogic, HMA, inVPN, ICanVPN as well as StrongVPN servers. It doesn’t act as a Kill Switch at all.

Now, I would end my statement by saying that it’s rubbish, and you can use any other AndroidVPN app instead of using VPNWatcher.

Securing your VPNs

VPN services, by default, provide you the best security and anonymity; however, that doesn’t mean they can be cracked. Here are the ways to get ensure your privacy as well as protection.

  • Changing the VPN Protocol

Well, there are a lot of different VPN protocols that are used every day, and among them, most of the VPN providers gives you the choice. Your options are PPTP, such as Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol, L2TP/IPSec as well as OpenVPN.

Now talking about L2TP, then it is one of the most secure, but its quite slow protocol.

  • Utilizing the Kill Switch

One of the major issues with the VPN Watcher is when your VPN connections fall, your system will quickly fall back to the normal Internet address and you can easily be tracked. Moreover, you might not be familiar with the VPN connection lost, and that’s where you can use or utilize the Kill Switch.

The Kill Switch ensures that in case of VPN drop or VPN connection lost, then the internet will not be connected. Some VPN connection apps actually have an integrated Kill Switch as well.

  • Prevent DNS Leaks

DNS stands for Domain Net Server. It is a service in which your computer uses to translate the URLs into IP addresses. When you use a VPN service then it will automatically use the secure DNS server.

Nowadays, there are a lot of VPN clients that have DNS leak protection built-in, and you can use it directly to prevent DNS Leaks.

  • Block IPv6 Leaks

The service provides you the best Internet Protocol for most of the internet activity. Talking about the IPv6, it operates outside of the VPN, and the intruder might use it to find out your identity. Now, it’s not done often; however, if you want to stop attacks, simply disable the IPv6, and that’s all.

  • Preventing WebRTC Leaks

Essentially, the service will make sure that your network doesn’t get exposed in case of a VPN fall. The WebRTC means Web Real-Time Communication which is a protocol that let two devices to communicate with each other by broadcasting IP address.

The easiest way to check the WebRTC leaks is you can check the IP address once you connect your device with the VPN. Currently, the majority of VPN providers started offering their own dedicated WebRTC leak protection.

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Top Alternatives to VPN Watcher

A lot of people have complained that the VPN Watcher app is not working in operating systems, including macOS. Moreover, they support the half connection for VPN service and require a different and challenging manual setup too. So, that’s the reason for mentioning the best alternatives to VPN Watcher.

i) VPN Lifeguard

The first VPN mentioned our list is VPN Lifeguard, which is a complimentary open-source free of cost. The VPN Lifeguard is the tool that takes responsibility when your VPN disconnects automatically to protect your internet traces.

Basically, VPN Lifeguard comes under to play when your VPN connection is not stable. Once the VPN connection is stable or back to normal, the VPN Lifeguard reloads the selected part of the application. The best part about the VPN Lifeguard has protected you from hackers and doesn’t leak your information.

ii) VPNetMon

The VPNetMon is only one tier application that only works for kill switch application. VPNetMon is quite easy to use and responsive. One of the reasons why you should choose the VPNetMon it doesn’t disconnect the internet from the device you’re using.

Moreover, this tool does kill the application, which can recover the IP address of yours. The two major features are PPTP or L2PT which auto-dial the VPN connection. The VPNetMon supports three VPN connections.

iii) TunnelRat

Another popular software featured on the list is TunnelRat, which is entirely free of cost. It sends you or alerts you when the VPN connection is not stable.

The good thing about the TunnelRat is you can use the WinXP and none of the VPN Watcher mentioned on our list doesn’t work. It informs you when your internet connection is stable and reconnects the VPN private internet access.

iv) VPNCheck

The best about this VPN Watcher alternative is it has the nature of security to prevail against the Wifi. VPNCheck always takes out the lightweight piece of the software and verifies the methods to check the VPN access connection.

The VPNCheck gives you an option for the paid one and the free version, so it’s up to you to choose between. It’s pretty much obvious the paid version does have extra chunks like the DNS leakage fixpoint and more. With VPNCheck software, you can even shut down the applications that are not safe.

v) Sidestep

A sidestep is again an open-source software for macOS. The Sidestep works and supports the system OS from intruders and does protect all your data. Moreover, Sidestep acts like an internet proxy that can encrypt the VPN data automatically.

With the help Sidestep you can hostname of the server. So, if you have a Mac, then this one is worth checking out.

The Conclusion ~ Is it Worth Buying?

Well, I definitely recommend you to use VPN Watcher as it adds value to your VPN service. The article revolves around and explains all the critical aspects of their service, including package plans, service offerings, download, setup as well as configuration guide.

Rather than saying that VPN watcher is a full-fledge data-protection service, we can say that it is a VPN protector. Rather than encrypting the network traffic or assisting the unblocking service, a VPN Watcher actually stops certain apps in case of VPN falls.

Do you use VPN Watcher?

Share your experience of using VPN Watcher. Also, tell us what you like the most in VPN Watcher. For any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Should I use VPN Watcher?

A.1. Well, a VPN Watcher definitely adds value to your VPN service. It would ensure security, even if your VPN server got disconnected.

Q.2. Is it safe and secure to use VPN Watcher?

A.2. Yes! The VPN Watcher is entirely safe and secure to use. It provides you security against any unauthorized access.

Q.3. Is VPN Watcher available for MacOSX?

A.3. No! VPN Watcher is not available for MacOSX.

Q.4. What’s the performance of the Android App?

A.4. Well, it works really well with the Windows version; however, with the Android app, we are a little bit disappointed.

Q.5. Does VPN Watcher protect from IP, DNS, WebRTC, and Virus Tests?

A.5. Yes! The VPN Watcher protects your IP, DNS, as well as WebRTC information in case your VPN stops working.

Q.6. Does it unblock US Netflix & Other Streaming Services?

A.6. The VPN Watcher has nothing to do with these platforms. We have already discussed that it is not an unblocking service; it provides security.

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