{News} Streaming Quality for 30 Days are Reduced by Netflix and YouTube

The recent times for the world are quite disturbing due to Corona Virus. Now, as everybody knows that due to the pandemic situation all over the world, you might be getting prepared for a streaming marathon for the next few days.

Data Charges dropped by Netflix and YouTube

Netflix and YouTube announced that they have reduced the data rates by 25 percent for the next 30 days. Moreover, in the lockdown state, Internet consumption is increased, and that’s the reason these companies decided to take this step. Performing tasks like video calling, surfing on social platforms as well as streaming TV shows and movies demand a lot from Internet Providers.

According to Vodafone Group Plc, ‘internet usage in Europe has increased by as much as half. So, to make things lenient for users, Netflix reduced its data usage. The company dropped a maximum of 25% rates for the next 30 days.

Netflix Talks with Europe Officials

Recently, Netflix talks with Thierry Berton, the EU Officials for the internet market. Moreover, the company tells that the reason being dropping the data charges is due to Coronavirus. The company has decided to drop the data rates for all the streams.

In addition to that, the European Commissioner also praised the company for this kind gesture. The EU commissioner also says that streaming videos on the standard resolution can relive the internet. Now, if you compare with the standard resolution, it can take up to 1GB is used while, on the other hand, HD consumes up to 3GB in an hour.

Reduced Picture Quality

According to Netflix, ‘the image quality of the media file should continue to perceived as good.’ The reduction in a 25% reduction in picture quality has an effort on streaming speed. Furthermore, Netflix will decide to continue until this pandemic ended.

YouTube Chokes Data Rate

Finally, YouTube has announced that they will be going to soon reduce the picture quality of videos in Europe. From April, the videos available on the YouTube platform will be available in SD quality instead of HD quality.

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