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When it comes to rank your site on Google or any other search engine, the foremost thing which comes to your mind is building links.

If you are familiar with ranking and building links, you must be aware of the fact that there is no fixed way of creating links, there are many ways with the help of which you can make links. So, today I am going to talk about free social bookmarking. This is one of the most popular and convenient link creation processes.

Bookmarking your site may help you to generate good quality traffic which will automatically help you to generate quality traffic on your site.

Importance of including free social bookmarking in SEO:

If you make use of the free social bookmarking site, it will help you a lot with your ranking. You don’t need to look for do follow or no follow SBM sites.

Like many other link creators, if you also think that the ranking of your site depends upon the do-follow list, then, you are wrong. If you create a large number of do-follow links, then, Google may also ban your site.

Social bookmarking and ranking:

The most challenging task for any website owner is to rank his/her website, and every website needs a proper SEO technique to increase the traffic and ranking.

To improve the value of your page, most of the marketing experts apply different digital marketing methods. There are many do follow and no follow sites available; experts always prefer to go with high-rank do-follow sites for such tasks. It helps you to get backlinks for your site, and this is why experts prefer to use this process. However, it is not so difficult if you don’t know how to use it, then it’s completely useless. So, it is important to understand how to use these sites.

How to use free social bookmarking sites?

Now, you must be thinking that how can I make the best use of these sites?

Follow these easy and simple steps to know how to use these sites:

  •       Pick some high page rank social bookmarking sites.
  •       Select the sites one by one to perform your task.
  •       Fill all your credentials and register on the site.
  •       Open your account; you will see a button called “Add a new post”. Click on this button.
  •       Once you click on this button, a form will appear. The form consists of blocks like address, subject, keyword, etc.
  •       Fill the correct details and in the box. Make sure that you don’t write anything incorrect or irrelevant.
  •       Now, attach a good quality image in the form. Make sure that the picture which you attach is completely related to your business.
  •       Finally, click on the Post button.

So, in this way you can make the best use of social bookmarking sites and improve the ranking of your website.

Perks of using Social bookmarking sites:

There are many benefits to using free social bookmarking sites. Here is a list of few of them:

  •       Such sites help you to spread your content so that more and more audience could see it.
  •       These sites also help you to make everyone aware of your brand.
  •       Improve the traffic of your content.
  •       You can increase the visibility with the help of these sites.
  •       Interact with the audience and make your blog more and more popular.

All the benefits of using social bookmarking sites help you to make your blog post more and more popular.

There are many off-page activities available on the internet, but social bookmarking sites is one of the most convenient and effective. Here you can easily post your content and make it available online for everyone.

Current scenario of social bookmarking sites:

When it comes to the current scenario of these sites, then, this technique is one of the best strategies to improve the ranking of your site. And when it comes to creating awareness, no other method can beat this.

These sites are working very well now also and will always keep working. So, please don’t believe in rumours that these sites have lost their value or they have stopped working or anything like that.

List of top 10 do-follow social bookmarking sites:

Now, you already know the perks of social bookmarking sites. So, let us have a glance at some of these sites:

  • is one of the most reliable and preferred social bookmarking sites. Since the year 2012, it is providing you with the best services without any compromise.


It is very easy to list your website on this platform. You only need to have, and Gmail account and you are all set for it. eBay owns this site, and there are more than thousands of people who come to this site for creating links.

  • Delicious:

This is again one of the most convenient websites to use. It has good domain authority and free listing option. It is an open platform, and you can use it to gain maximum traffic for your site.

  • is again one of the most preferred social bookmarking sites. It is a platform with huge traffic, and it is important to have good quality traffic to make it reach to maximum audience.


The unique feature of this site is its gaming discussion. But now, people also go for other discussions again.

  • Bizsugar:

This is such a platform which assures you excellent quality traffic. If your business is not too big, then the site’s features will help you. To have a good kick start, you can go for this site.

  • Slashdot:

Slashdot is again one of the most reliable websites which can fulfil all your needs without many efforts.


This one is quite different from all the sites mentioned above. Since many years, more than thousands of people are using this site as it helps you to increase the traffic more effectively.

You can also share the links of your post on social media to increase the traffic.

  • Fark:

Unlike other sites, Fark is a social networking news website. It is easy to obtain good quality traffic on this platform, and you also get free listing options here.

  • Newsvine:

Newsvine is one of the oldest and top-rated social bookmarking sites. Create your account and start posting your content.

Pros and cons of social bookmarking sites:


  • These sites are highly useful to improve traffic. So, most of the digital market experts prefer to use these sites.
  • It is super easy to use and work on these sites.
  • You can quickly generate backlinks for your blog using these sites.
  • You can bookmark your links to create more exposure.


  • Not all but some low authority social bookmarking sites are also available on the internet which may not give you satisfactory results.
  • There are chances of spamming so be very careful with your content and save it from spams.
  • You may also some sites which have the same IP. So, if you come across any such sites, try to avoid them completely.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. What is link juice and how social bookmarking sites are related to this?

A.1. Link juice is one of the most important ranking factors. When the site webmaster assigns any do-follow backlink, link juice is passed.

Q.2. What is the most significant benefit of link juice here?

A.2. Link juice helps you to improve the ranking of your site and also improve the DA of your site.

Q.3. Can you list a few sources that help me with social bookmarking sites?

A.3. Forum, blogging, and joining SEO groups are some ways which help you with social bookmarking sites.

Q.4. Do these sites sponsor advertisements?

A.4. Yes. These sites make money from ads, and hence they sponsor advertisements.

The Final Words

So, it was all about social bookmarking sites.

As you know that there are many techniques that may help you to create useful quality links, but this one is the most preferred and most effortless technique.

There are very famous social bookmarking tools like Social Marker, SocialAdr, etc. You can always make use of these tools to improve quality.

I tried my best to share all the necessary details about social bookmarking sites with you. If you still want to know anything more about such sites, feel free to contact and ask.

I hope you liked the content.

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