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Are you desperately looking for the methods to run iOS apps on your Android device? Well, if you’re an Android platform user but a die-hard fan of Apple’s iPhone and wanted to use some of the iOS apps, then iOS Emulator for Android is the best practice. Android and iOS are two of the most popular platform in the market. Almost every application developed for iOS will undoubtedly be developed for Android and vice-versa. However, there are still some of the iOS apps that aren’t available for the Android platform, and in that case, iOS emulators can help you out.

Today we’ve discussed some of the best iOS Emulators for Android. Our team has personally tested these iOS emulators and then recommended it to you guys. You can select any of the apple emulators and start using iOS apps on your Android device for absolutely free. Follow our complete list to know which is the best iPhone emulator for Android devices. Also, the best emulators which we’ve featured on our list are entirely free of cost to use.

iOS Emulators

An iOS emulator allows the user to run a Windows system to install and run iOS apps or games. With iOS emulators, you can easily access the iOS apps and games on to the Windows PC.

Usually, iOS Emulators, one can efficiently run the development process; it can help you run on multiple devices and more. Moreover, an emulator offers a lot of advantages such as free installations, provides SDK, and free to use.

Best iOS Emulators for Android

iOS Emulators do a great job and have a bunch of advantages when comes to running the iOS apps on the Windows platform. Here, we are with the best iOS Emulator for Android currently available in the market.

iEMU Emulator

iEMU is the first iOS emulators for Android featured on our list, and it is very much popular emulators available in the market. By using the iEMU emulator, you can get a Virtual iOS on Android device. The device is simple, and yet it is an effective iOS emulator for Android, which is lightweight and thus doesn’t require ample storage space to install.

iEMU is popularly known as Padiod APK, and it is only being used by app developers to test their iOS applications in a complete smartphone environment. With the help of an iEMU emulator, you can easily install most of the iOS games and apps on your Android device. iEMU emulator is an open-source of most researched and developed iOS emulator which can run almost all the iOS applications without any issues.

The developers of an iEMU emulator continuously fixing all the errors encountered. Also, the emulator creates the same user environment like an iPhone. All you have to do is download the app and thus, you can experience the iOS apps on Android by using the iEMU iOS Emulator.

Cider/Cyada Emulator

CIDER is one of the coolest iOS emulators for Android designed and developed by the student of the computer science department at Columbia University. Cider emulator is most popularly known as the Cyada android emulator, which is pretty identical to iEMU APK. With the help of a Cider emulator, you can easily access all of your favorite iPhone apps directly on your device.

Moreover, the Cider/Cyada emulator is free to use, and you don’t need to pay any hectic amount of money for using this cool iOS emulator for Android. You can install unlimited iOS apps on your Android device by using the Cider Emulator on your device.

iOS Emulator for Android Cider

Cider emulator has one of the most simple user-friendly interfaces, which helps you to navigate the application effortlessly. But on the other hand, it doesn’t work with every Android device available on the market. Now before downloading the Cider Emulator for Android first, you have to make sure that whether Cider Emulator is compatible with your device or not.

All In One iOS Emulator

The next emulator featured on our list is All in One iOS Emulator and is being used by the beginners. The All in One iOS Emulator is not good as an iEMU emulator but still does the great work. This emulator is developed by a recognized member of XDA Developers Gaziaggelos in the year 2012. All In One iOS Emulator is limited to some extents, and you can get iOS 6 experience in it.

The best part of the All In One iOS Emulator for Android is, it carries out with SIRI in-app built. Though you’ll not get the cool features like in other iOS Emulator for Android.

Features of All in One Emulator are as follows:

1. Music applications and some other collections are included.

2. Sound Recorder, as well as SIRI, are included.

3. iOS Camera features.

Appetize IO

Appetize IO is the iPhone Emulator for Android, which is a little bit different and is more convenient to use. The reason behind its convenience is that you don’t need to download anything to run an app. All you’ve to do is download the Appetize IO on your device, and from the next moment, a virtual iPhone will be opened to you.

Appetize IO iOS Emulator for Android

With the help of Appetize IO, you can run anything you wish for iOS. Therefore people, who don’t get it clearly it is like a scientific calculator on Google, which is not downloaded, but still works properly as if it is downloaded. At times, we just need to perform a test and we can’t be able to download the entire emulator and in that case, Appetize IO is the perfect fit for you.

IOSEmus App

The IOSEmus is the next level iOS emulator for Android featured on our list. IOSEmus is the most popular emulator and works perfectly fine with all the smartphones. By just clicking on the download button, you can easily able to download any application within few seconds.

The IOSEmus is well categorized, that makes it more simple and straightforward to use. Moreover, you can even use customizable themes and set any of the themes. The IOSEmus lets you run an application that requires Jailbreak quickly and smoothly. IOSEmus is entirely free of cost to use, and there is no in-app purchase.

iOSEmus Emulator

The user-friendly interface of the IOSEmus emulator allows you to navigate the whole application easily. Further, those who have very less knowledge or don’t know about the emulators can also manage the whole app. With IOSEmus, you can even download paid games for absolutely free of cost. You can use Lucky Patcher, or it’s alternative Freedom APK for downloading paid apps or games for free. This feature of downloading paid apps for free makes IOSEmus a more unique and powerful iOS emulator.

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The Conclusion

So far, we discussed some of the best iOS emulator for Android in 2018. We think that we’ve cleared all your doubts regarding “How to run iOS apps on Android.” Some of you say that it is challenging to run iOS apps on Android, while others say you need to root your device while some say it’s impossible to run iOS apps on Android platforms.

However, it is pretty much easier as well as possible to run iOS apps on your Android device. All you have to do is download any of the iOS emulators and start using the iOS app on your Android device. Now, if you think that we have forgotten to add an emulator app which according to you should be featured on our list, then do let us know in the comment section.

For any suggestions and queries comment down, we will be happy to assist you.

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