What is Delayed Launcher? Is it safe to disable Intel Delayed Launcher?

We have been getting a lot of queries from our traffic that their system is taking a lot to boot up, and the reason behind this could be anything. In your computer, you have thousands of files, application, and software that are loading during the boot process and this could lead to slow processing it does not mean it is some kind of virus or malware, but there is one specific reason that even we faced issues for a long time and it was the Intel delayed launcher which has been taking up an extra amount of time to boot up the system.

But you need not worry as the information discussed below will solve all your problems regarding delayed launcher intel and what should be done to boot the system.

What is Intel’s delayed launcher?

The delayed launcher Intel is a startup application program that is a part of an app named: Intel Recovery technology whose main aim is to improve and speed up the process of your computer. This application protects from harmful viruses and malware when your system undergoes booting. You can find this file in your main C: drive by the name of “iastoriconlaunch.exe” and is just like any other file.

Besides this, Intel Delayed launcher is a subpart of Intel Rapid Storage Technology, and this application is the system recovery portal provided to every computer for smooth pursuance and low supply consumption of your system driver. It not only offers proper functioning but also helps to keep your system run faster including a high level of performance 

for every other application in your system.

How to disable Intel’s Delayed Launcher?

As the windows software has changed since the launching of windows 8/10, the methods to do the following may vary from previous versions of Windows 7. So, to carry out the solution, we will be focusing on two prime ways to disable the application and save Upto 40 to 50 seconds of delayed launcher startup to enhance your booting speed and optimizing your system.

Method Uno: Disable Intel delayed launcher from window 8/10

For proper removal/disable of Intel delayed launcher, follow these simple steps correctly as given below.

Step1: Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to open the Task Manager.

Step2: Expand the Task Manager by moving your cursor towards “more details.”

Intel Delayed Launcher for Windows 8

Step3: Click on the “Startup” tab.

Step4: Now, look for the delayed launcher option on the list.

Step5: Highlight it by clicking on it.

Step6: A disable button will appear on the right-hand corner of the tab. Click it.

what is delayed launcher intel?

Step7: Restart your PC to save the changes.

The Delayed launcher Intel is now disabled from your windows 8/10 computer system, and the system will load faster now.

Method Tres: From windows 7

The software windows 7 follows a different approach to disable the delayed launcher, and in the future, if you wish to enable delayed launcher startup again, you can follow the same step.

Delayed Launcher for Windows 7

Steps: Using the Windows+R button together, open the Run tab.

Step2: Type “MSconfig” in the tab and push enter.

Step3: System configuration window will appear on the screen, press “startup.”

Step4: Look for the delayed launcher and uncheck it.

Step5: Click Apply, and then ok.

Step6: Restart your PC. 

Complete these steps, and the system will load faster.

Disabling/deleting delayed launcher good for the system?

Well, this entirely depends on your choice. In my opinion, you should not delete as it protects your system from various malware and viruses but does take a little time, which delays the booting time of your system. The delay time is approx 30 to 40 seconds if bearable considering the advantage it provides to the system.

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The Conclusion

Following the above mentioned, two methods can be beneficial to you if you want to disable the delayed launcher from your system. If you ask me, “Is it safe to disable delayed launcher?” I would say No.

Now, if you are still impatient and determined to get rid of this launcher, then following these straightforward steps will lead towards your ultimate desire. 

But it is your call, as the system is yours and you know more about it than us. So take your decision wisely.

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