{Guide} How to Install Mobdro for iPhone? Fix Errors of Mobdro!

You might have heard about the video streaming platforms like Snaptube, Showbox and many more. In recent, a lot more apps are developed just for watching channels, news, shows, movies, sports, music, gaming, and other popular videos online for absolutely free of cost. To watch trending as well as viral videos, you can download and install Mobdro for iPhone and Android platforms.

Mobdro for iPhone

Mobdro officially released for Android devices as well as an iPhone device but not for iPad devices. Now, if you’re an Apple user and you have to watch movies, viral videos and many other media files then Mobdro promises you to watch these media files without spending a single dime. Mobdro lets you stream all kind of high-quality videos which is available online for free. Now, if you look for some of the ultra killing features, you need to have a Mobdro Premium version which is, of course, a paid version of Mobdro.

Salient Features of Mobdro

Mobdro is a useful app for the iPhone. The app is assisting in watching free streaming and searching for free videos. Mobdro for iPhone is a simple and the best app that allows its users to watch free online TV channels as well. The app lights up your mind with some of the cool features. Mobdro is regarded to be the most addictive app for both platforms like iOS and Android.

i) User-friendly Interface

Now, as the app offers you these stunning and amazing videos to watch and the user interface is simply the best and easy to use. People with very little knowledge about the internet and -applications can also easily manage each section of the app with ease. What’s cool about the user-interface is that it will not at all lag and gives you the pleasure to watch media files for absolutely free.

ii) Endless Hours of Entertainment

Mobdro for iPhone updates you with the latest to oldest all the media files for absolutely free of cost. The app gives you the Endless hours of entertainment, which is assured now through your device, and you can enjoy watching videos from anywhere and anytime. You just need not take any monthly or annual subscription, or no hidden fees, as well as no one-time payment to watch your favorite media files. Choose a peaceful time as well as an atmosphere to make the best use of the Mobdro app.

iii) Supporting Devices

Mobdro iOS also supports Chromecast and other casting devices. With supporting device features, the programs watching experience will be enhanced fully and gives you a different experience. You can search for media content with categories like; Sports, Programs, TV Channels, News, Music, etc. Moreover, with all these features on the app, it makes the best one that the users of the iPhone device can expect.

Is it possible to download Mobdro for iOS?

Even though it is common that this kind of restrictions could be skipped, but in such a scenario, it isn’t possible. We have earlier mentioned that creators have already taken care to avoid this app to be installed on any iOS device. Apple doesn’t want the app to be available in the iStore because it’s is more strict against third-party apps.

Now, don’t worry you can still download and install the Mobdro for iPhone manually on your iOS device. You just have to follow up the step by step guide carefully to install the Mobdro App successfully.

How to install Mobdro for iPhone?

Here is the guide to install mobdro app on your iOS devices. You can even install Mobdro for Mac with the below-mentioned guide.

Step 1. Download Mobdro & Install via vShare App

In the very first step, you’ve to download the latest version of the vShare app with iOS devices. To download vShare, go to the Safari browser and search for the vShare app and manually download it on your device.

Step 2. Trust vShare App

Once the download and installation process is done, you need to install the vShare app on your device. And now you’ve to Trust vShare app option on your iOS device.

To trust vShare Goto Settings > General > Profile & Device Management and tap on “Trust”. It will verify and start downloading the vShare.

Step 3. Search for Mobdro

After all the download, and the installation process, you’ve to launch the vShare app store and search for the Mobdro installation on your smartphone. Now, double-tap on the Mobdro app file to start installing it on your iOS device.

Step 4. Enjoy Mobdro App

Finally, after a few seconds, the Mobdro app installation process is completed, and you can enjoy Mobdro for iPhone & iPad device and start streaming media files on your iOS device.

How to Fix Errors of Mobdro for iPhone?

As we all know that nothing is perfect and that’s the case with the Mobdro app as well. So, just in case you face any errors like Mobdro not working you can refer to this section of the article. Here we have tried to mention every possible solution to Mobdro not working.

Mobdro for iPhone

Error 1: Fix “The Live Stream is Currently Offline”

The most annoying issue of the Mobdro for iPhone is that many live channels and shows are reporting these issues. You will get the issue called “Oh no! The live stream is currently OFFLINE. Please try again later”. ‘


1. Download Opera VPN from Google Play Store.

2. Now, connect with the VPN to any server of your choice.{Choose another country region}

3. Once you’re connected with VPN clear all the recent Tabs.

4. Open the Mobdro App, and you’ll notice the issue has been fixed.

Error 2. Fix Mobdro ‘Not Working/No Downloads’

Now, the second error on our list is Mobdro showing you the warning ‘Not Working/No Downloads’.

–>> Clear App Data as well as Cache


1. In the first step, you have to open the Setting on your Android device.

2. Now, look for the options called Apps or Manage apps and tap on it.

3. Once, you have manage apps and check the Mobdro for the iPhone app.

4. Now, find out two options of Clear Data and Clear Cache. (For Android Marshmallow 6.0 users check for option Storage to clear data and cache)

5. Thus, clear the data and cache to solve the problem.

Error 3. Mobdro Other Uncommon Bugs

Check out the steps to fix Mobdro other Uncommon Bugs. You just have to carefully follow the guidelines to fix it.


1. Open the lock of the Android device and Settings of your device.

2. Now open Apps or Apps manager.

3. Now check for all Applications.

4. Further Tap on Menu icon.

5. Click on “Reset App Preferences”.

6. Finally, Reboot your smartphone.

This will solve some of the uncommon bugs and errors of the Mobdro for iPhone. Follow the guidelines, and you will quickly solve the problem, and people with very less knowledge about the internet can solve these issues and errors.

Note: Now we don’t endorse the Mobdro for iPhone, nor we are affiliated with the application in any situation. Hence, the above trick was for informational purposes only, and we’re not responsible for any harm to the device.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Is Mobdro available for the iPhone?

A.1. Yes. However, Mobdro for iPhone is not officially available, but still, you can manually download and install Mobdro for iPhone.

Q.2. Is Mobdro available for iPad?

A.2. Mobdro for iPad is yet not available for iPad. Developers are still developing Mobdro for iPad (iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad air).

Q.3. Do we need Jailbroken iPhone while installing Mobdro for iPhone?

A.3. No, you don’t need Jailbroken iPhone to install Mobdro for iPhone. You can install the app by manually downloading and installing it on your device.

Q.4. Can we install Mobdro on PC or Mac?

A.4. Yes, you can install Mobdro for PC or Mac directly by following the guidelines we have mentioned on our blog.

Q.5. Can you please tell me how can I ‘trust’ Mobdro App?

A.5. Follow the steps to Trust Mobdro

–>> Goto Settings > Profile Management > Look for Trust > Tap on Trust Option.

Q.6. Is Mobdro for iPhone free?

A.6. Yes, Mobdro for iPhone is free. You don’t have to take any monthly or annual subscription, no one-time payment is required. The app offers you unlimited access to media files to watch and live stream them.

The Conclusion

We’ve shared some of the best-handpicked methods to download and install Mobdro for iPhone. Installing third-party apps is never an easy task, but you just have to follow the guide which we have mentioned above. Those who have very little knowledge about the internet can also install the application on their device with ease.

You cannot resist the urge to download something exciting and cool to your smartphone because once you liked it, you wish to keep watching it over and over without spending a single dime. If you think that we have not mentioned any method or maybe you know any best alternative way to install Mobdro for iPhone then does mention in the comment section.

For any assistance, contact us or do comment in the comment section for any query. We will be happy to assist you. Do share this post as much as you can, let others know about this fantastic app.

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