Complete Guide ~ How to turn off Discord Overlay in 2020?

An overlay is an app that allows you to put some of its interfaces on top from other applications. A plethora of features like voice chat and graphics applications have overlays to improve your gaming experience. Sometimes, things go round the clock, and there are a rise incompatibility issues and other bandwidth problems. In scenarios like this, you need to disable your discord overlay.

Programs that are connected with overlay often auto-enable themselves on overlay whenever there’s an update. If, due to some reason you keep running into performance issues with every update, you’ll need to keep disabling them.

Here’s the guide that will help you to turn off discord overlay.

How to turn off discord overlay?

Discord is a VoIP application where VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet protocol.” The app provides its overlay program to access their discord application while players are playing their game.

You can choose to disable it entirely or can disable it for League.

Steps to turn off Discord

  • Click on the ‘system tray’ situated on the bottom-left corner of the discord.
  • Double click on the Discord icon.
  • Click on the ‘settings’ icon.
  • Click ‘overlay’ on the navigation bar.
  • Switch off the option named: ‘Enable in-game overlay.’

Steps to disable it just for League

  • Click on the ‘system tray’ icon.
  • Double click on the discord icon.
  • Click on the ‘settings’ icon.
  • Click ‘games’ in the navigation bar.
  • Navigate to ‘league of legends’ and turn it off.
  • Close the discord window.

The Conclusion

Discord overlay is one of the most amazing applications developed by the discord community. If you use overlay correctly and without any kind of over- overlaying, then things might fall in your favor. In case of issues make sure to turn off Discord overlay using the mentioned steps.

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