How to Transfer Files from iCloud to OneDrive [Full Guide]

How about using single cloud storage to access files across all your devices? It becomes a hassle to sync files from different accounts’ cloud storage. Yes, I am talking about OneDrive. If you are wondering how to Transfer Files from iCloud to OneDrive, then we have all covered you!

Data Migration is your ultimate solution whenever you want to transfer your files from one system to another.

Some of the types of Data Migration include:

  • Storage Migration: The most affordable yet effective type of Data Migration is Storage Migration. You can migrate your files and media from one device to another. It increases the performance of the devices.
  • App Migration: As the name suggests, app Migration transfers all the apps from one device to another. It is a time-saving process. However, Windows PCs do not have this system inbuilt.
  • Cloud Migration: You can transfer all your files, multimedia and apps from your PC to a cloud server like the OneDrive, iCloud, or Google Drive.

Well, you have already used Cloud Migration. But, let’s explore Cloud Transfer between two PCs.

Do I need both iCloud and OneDrive?

Cloud computing has been proved as a boon. It allows us to avail the advantage of Cloud Storage. Accessing the same, you can save your files securely on a third-party server computer without occupying any memory on your device. Further, you can fetch your files anytime; they will be secure when you backup on Cloud Storage.

Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud are one of the most popular cloud storage services available. Hence, many users are often perplexed about “Should I use iCloud and OneDrive!”  The most beneficial alternative is One Drive due to several reasons.

  • Faster Cloud Synchronization: Suppose you make any edits to an archived file, then the block wherein edits are made will re-upload on OneDrive and not the whole archive file. This is because MS cloud drive uses block-level copying technology wherein smaller blocks cluster to form small packages. Hence, OneDrive ensures faster cloud sync.
  • Keeps Files Secure: OneDrive ensures high security with SSL and two-step verification that keeps your files encrypted and safe.
  • Microsoft Office Integration: Microsoft Windows service integrates One Drive and Office 365. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to access files on Office 365 and OneDrive in a single place. You can administer all your files on Windows PC.

Therefore, OneDrive provides a range of benefits. Several users transfer Files from iCloud to OneDrive.

Like if you are a digital marketer and use Mac, Windows, and Android for yourself. Then transferring all your files to OneDrive is the most suitable option. Using OneDrive, you can access all your files on different devices using a single account. Besides, if you have low storage on your iCloud and want better storage at a better price, transferring files to iCloud will be a suitable option.

So, transfer your files from iCloud to OneDrive whenever needed.

Transfer Files from iCloud to OneDrive on PC

So, if you are changing your device or what to sync your iCloud data to OneDrive, then there is no direct method inbuilt for the same. You have to transfer files from iCloud to your PC and, from there, upload it on OneDrive.

Follow the steps given below to transfer Files from iCloud to OneDrive on a PC:

  • Download the iCloud App on your PC
  • Configure the app using your Apple Credential
Sign in to iCloud

Sign in to iCloud

  • Give access to your iCloud media to open it in Windows
  • Upload your selected iCloud files to a local folder of the computer
  • Go to the OneDrive app or sign in at the website
  • Upload the local folder’s files on OneDrive

    Upload to OneDrive

    Upload to OneDrive

The local folder is that folder of your PC wherein you have saved your iCloud files. You can move selected files or all files, depending on your priority.

Transfer Files from iCloud to OneDrive on iPhone/iPad

If you use an iPhone for better storage and faster cloud sync, you will have to transfer your data from iCloud to OneDrive. However, there’s no direct method meant, and you have to transfer indirectly.

Follow the steps given below to transfer Files from iCloud to OneDrive on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Head over to Settings of your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on the profile
Tap on Apple Profile

Tap on Apple Profile

  • Click on iCloud and Toggle on the drive button
Enable iCloud on iPhone

Enable iCloud on iPhone

You shall be prompted to Options and select an app that will retain iCloud files on your device.

Move files from iCloud to OneDrive

Move files from iCloud to OneDrive

  • Navigate to Files
  • Tap and hold on the file to select it, and a drop-down menu will appear to choose the Move option
  • Now, head inside the folder where the files should be moved
  • Tap on Move, which will be located on the top-right side

Your file will be moved from iCloud to your device’s local folder. Now, you have to open OneDrive and upload the folder containing the iCloud files to the cloud drive. Further, as the files need to be transferred, go back to iCloud and delete your files. However, if you want to retain the files on iCloud, then do not delete them.

Bonus Tip: Transfer OneDrive between Windows PCs

Be it Storage Migration or App Migration, there is a third-party tool that lets you do both at once. EaseUs Todo PCTrans is the tool using which you can transfer data from one Windows PC to another. So, if you are upgrading your PC or similar, you can use it to transfer photos, videos, files, documents, and even applications. Therefore, you can transfer the OneDrive program across computers. There are several benefits of using EaseUs over other processes. Some of them include:

  • No data loss and hassle-free transfer: It lets you migrate data from one Windows PC to another with a single click, and no data loss is incurred throughout the process.
  • Transfer Programs: Most of the methods used for data migration do not transfer any of your programs from one PC to another. However, EaseUs transfer programs also include apps and softwares.

The coolest part of EaseUs is that it lets you transfer your PC personalization and all your accounts configuration across computers. So, if you are a graphic designer, you can seamlessly transfer your Adobe and Canva Accounts. Besides, in the era of social media, what can be better than EaseUs PC Todo Trans?

The Conclusion

You transfer data across the two as OneDrive has better features and more standardization than iCloud. If you were wondering how to Transfer Files from iCloud to OneDrive, you would have got your answer. There’s no direct method for the same. Whether you use a Windows PC or an iOS device, you must export files to your local storage and then export them to OneDrive.

Hence, we recommend using EaseUs Todo PCTrans, which lets you transfer data securely, reliably, directly and instantly with the facility of app transfer and account transfer without data loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. How do I backup my Mac to OneDrive?

A.1. Backing up Mac data over OneDrive is pretty simple. You have to log in to OneDrive web via your browser like Safari. Setup your account and tap to upload your Mac files on OneDrive.

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