How to disable Steam Overlay in Discord 2020? {Guide}

The Steam overlay is a fantastic feature provided by the community that allows you to check your achievements, message your friends and family, open an internet browser, and much more, all while you’re playing your favourite game. The only thing you need to do while playing is to press shift+tab together.

In cases when your computer system is not powerful enough, then opening the Steam overlay while you are playing can cause heavy lag. There have been times when users have also reported issues playing certain games while the overlay is enabled.

However, you can disable Steam overlay from your Steam app instantly. Disabling overlay will make it so pressing shift+tab will not function.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to disable only for specific games. If you wish to disable the Steam overlay, you need to shut it off completely.

Here’s a guide that will provide you step by step instructions to disable Steam overlay.

How to disable the Steam overlay

Before starting with the steps, you need to make sure that Steam is open and that you’re logged in.

  • In the top right corner of your display, click Steam. Once the dialogue box appears, choose for settings if you are using a computer and choose preferences if you are using Mac.
  • As the settings open, click on the ‘in-game’ tab in the left sidebar.
  • Uncheck the box named: Enable the Steam overlay while in-game.
  • Click ‘Ok’ to confirm the customized settings.

Following these steps will ensure that your Steam overlay has been disabled.

Discord Gaming Platform

Discord is one of the best and most popular platforms for gamers currently available in the market. Designed and developed in May 13, 2015, and soon become popular among gamers. The Discord Software is currently available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, as well as Android platform. Discord specialises in text, image, video, and audio communication between users in a chat channel.

The Conclusion

Steam overlay is a gift for the gamers, who thrive on multitasking and still prioritizing gaming.

If you’re having any problems regarding the information provided, do hit us up with your queries. We will be happy to help you!

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