Complete Guide ~ How to change Discord Background in 2020?

Discord is a community that works days and nights just to provide quality service to its users. They encounter real-time problems and provide solutions like no one before. At discord, the team understands that you are having a hard time making decisions. It can be interesting choosing between the dark side where there are cookies and the light side, which follows a glimpse of sweet Jedi.

However, with a couple of clicks, you can choose between two on how you feel on particular days.

Here are the steps to ensure your background color change.

How to change Discord Background?

  • Click on the settings cogwheel option.
  • Choose the ‘Appearance’ tab.
  • You will find some sets of combinations you can choose from.
  • The two images shown on the top will determine your theme: dark or light.
  • The two options are Cozy & Compact.
  • Cozy: This is a beautiful, modern version interface which is more spacious and displays user icons in the chat screen.
  • Compact: this particular option has put some time in the gym: it has mixed user options and provides a tight chat window for more messages.
  • After choosing between the two described options, your background gets changed.

Following these easy steps will ensure that your discord background color changes.

Discord Platform

Discord is one of the popular platforms for gamers specially designed for creating communities ranging from gamers. Moreover, the platform is used for educational purposes as well. The platform hit the market in 2015 and specialized for text, image, video as well as audio communication.

You can use the platform to chat with others. Currently, discord is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and Web Browsers. The platform has more than 250 active million users around the world.

The Conclusion

While using discord, you must keep this fact in mind that all your bot creation needs to be in developer mode. If you are a geek bot whisperer and want to have different experiments using API, then you must head over to Discord’s developer site which will help you with every goodie needed for your experiment. This is the complete guide on How to change Discord Background and add a custom theme to it.

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