Complete Guide ~ How to add games to discord in 2020?

Discord is one of the most popular communication applications out there for gamers. Discord offers an enormous amount of benefits and provides various features for gamers. One of the best features of discord is that it can work in the background with any game seamlessly.

Usually, discord adds all the newly installed games and displays in the library section of the Home tab, which is quite impressive. However, there are some games which do not add up in the library, it can be beyond annoying, even after the enormous scheme of things.

Adding games to the Discord Library

Every time you install a game, it is likely to appear in the library section of discord. However, if you are installing discord for the first time, you can expect all the games installed in your device to show in the library section of discord. To reach for the library, follow these simple steps.

  • Click on the Home tab of the upper left corner of your discord screen.
  • Now click on ‘library.’

You can use the items on the list to run any installed game on your computer. However, there are times when you will not be able to find a particular game even if it has been legitimately installed in your device. Discord server won’t recognize the game, and it may simply not work with the games.

Unfortunately, there is no way of adding certain games to the library section of discord. If you still want to hassle through it, you can contact Discord’s technical support and see if anything can be done. Most probably, they won’t be able to help you, in the short run, of course.

So why do gamers need to run their game on discord? Because of the simple fact, discord has a large community. If a game is in the library and you can run it from there, then you’ll be able to connect with other playing users.

Discord Platform

Launched in 2015, discord is one of the platforms that is specially designed for a community used by gamers for educational purposes.  Jason Citron was the founder of Discord App and later sold for $104 million. The platform lets you send text, images, videos as well as audio. It has one of the most active platforms used by gamers and has around 250+ million users around the world. Discord is compatible with Windows macOS, Linux, Web Browsers as well as Android platform.

The Conclusion

So, this is all on how to add games to discord platform. Now, you just have to follow the guide carefully and you can easily add all the games in the discord app.

Still, confused? Do leave a comment below and we’ll quickly assist you that how you can add games to discord platform.

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