How to flash Xiaomi Firmware using Fastboot and Recovery ROM?

Ever since the rise in demand for affordable Xiaomi Smartphones in countries like China and India, the consumers have now started asking the most out of their bucks. No doubt that Xiaomi is the reason why smartphones got cheap and good in the masses. They encountered every problem and made a plethora of development stages in the android ecosystem to cure.

Each of you might encounter with the term “Custom ROM” and ROM. These are fundamental developments an android user strives to attain. Having the bootloader unlocked gives you a whole new realm of possibilities. Your android device reaches most of its internal hardware. As MIUI is on top of Android, this is why Xiaomi became the revolution that supports a host for custom ROM and kernels.

What is the need for Xiaomi Firmware?

Mostly, the procedure goes efficiently, and the end result is a smooth working smartphone with incredible features. However, sometimes people mess around during the process, and the result is that they get their devices into a boot loop. This stage arises only when your software gets corrupted, and your device goes on the trial of power up endlessly.

There are many methods to overcome these challenges; however, Xiaomi devices are known for their Mi Flash tool as they help resolve these issues with just a mare button. But, again, these tools come with certain complications in which half of the time your device is not recognized by the Flash tool, or it fails to write the software correctly. The only through to these specific types of issues is the traditional fastboot flash method. The method involves manual steps to fastboot command prompt to install the system data one by one.

If you’ve somehow bricked your Xiaomi device, then you need not worry as we will be taking a look at how you can quickly resolve and restore your Xiaomi Firmware on your device using the Xiaomi Mi Flash tool.

Follow the complete recovery flashing procedure to overcome and resolve your system issues.


  • You need to have a Xiaomi device with an unlocked bootloader to perform the procedure.
  • Your battery percentage should not be above 70, and to avoid any mishap, switch off the device in the middle of the process.
  • You need to fastboot ROM zip for your Xiaomi device and then search for your device ROM file in the archive.

How to use Fastboot to Flash Xiaomi Firmware?

  • Download and install the MIUI fastboot ROM for your device.
  • Now, shut down your device and enter the fastboot mode by pressing the volume key down and the power button together.
  • A Mi bunny fastboot mode picture will appear.

Xiaomi Fastboot

  • Connect your device to your Windows PC via micro USB cable.
  • Double-tap to extract the downloaded ROM.
  • Open the extracted folder and copy the file path on the computer.

Flash Xiaomi Firmware using Fastboot

  • Click on the installer file on your computer and continue the installation by ignoring the security warning.
  • As the installation is complete, open the file named MiFlash.exe and paste the address copied from the ROM file folder path.

Flash Xiaomi Firmware using Fastboot ~ 1

  • After pasting the address, click the refresh button, which circled in yellow. This process will ensure that the Xiaomi device is recognized.

Flash Xiaomi Firmware using Fastboot ~ 2

  • Now click the second button, which is circled in red to flash the ROM file to the Xiaomi device.

Flash Xiaomi Firmware Using Fastboot 3

Following these steps will ensure that your flashing process is started. Now, you just have to wait until the process bar inside the Miflash turns green, which indicates that the ROM has successfully installed. Then your Xiaomi device should boot automatically.

How to flash Xiaomi Firmware using Fastboot?

Following are the steps to Flash Xiaomi Firmware using the recovery.

  • Download your compatible ROM file and name it as
  • Transfer it to your root storage.
  • Boot your Xiaomi device into recovery mode by pressing volume up and power button simultaneously.
  • As you enter recovery mode, navigate to the options using volume up and volume down. To select an option, press the power button.
  • Find the file you named as ‘’ and select it.
  • After completing the process, your Xiaomi device will reboot automatically. If not, then select the reboot option from recovery.

TWRP- Recovery to Flash Xiaomi Firmware

  • Download the recovery ROM for your Xiaomi device.
  • Connect your device to your Windows PC via USB cable.
  • Move the downloaded zip file to your device’s internal storage.
  • Disconnect your phone from the PC and power of your smartphone.
  • If you’re following the procedure using custom ROM, then go to advanced wipe and wipe the cache.

Advanced Wipe Firmware

  • Once done, go back and click on the ‘install’ button.
  • Go to the internal storage of your device and select the recovery ROM zip file.
  • Start installing the Xiaomi Firmware on your device.
  • As soon as the procedure is over, click onto the ‘reboot system’ button.

The Conclusion

The procedure mentioned above will ensure that you have successfully flashed Xiaomi Firmware using fastboot. Following these steps will help you to fastboot and Recovery ROM. If you’ve any questions related to how to flash Xiaomi Firmware guide, make sure to hit us below of comment section, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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