{Guide} Bobby Movie Box Not Working! Solutions to Fix Errors

Android nowadays is the most popular operating system these days, and people love to use Android devices. The main reason behind the Android popularity is having a large number of apps as well as its customizations.

Bobby Movie Box not working as a lot of users tweeted us that there is a Problem Parsing the Package. So, today we’ve compiled some of the best methods and practices to fix the error.

There are various reasons and various solutions to fix this error. So, follow the guide carefully to fix errors while installing any application on your smartphone.

Solution for Bobby Movie Box Errors

As we all know, Bobby Movie Box is the most popular movie streaming app, i.e., available for Android as well as iOS devices. Allowing users to watch free movies and updating their database on a daily basis can be considered as the critical factor behind the Bobby Movie Box success and popularity.

We have already discussed that the app lets you stream TV shows as well as movies. You can even use Bobby Movie Box app on your PC or Laptops.

Upon doing research, we find out that some of the user’s device was causing the trouble resulting in Bobby Movie Box APK not working. We have mentioned complete methods to fix the error, and we hope it will help you to solve the problem.

Why “There is a Problem Parsing the Package” Error Occurs?

There are various reasons which may cause this error, and one of the most common factors is the corrupted file. Now, whenever you try to install any corrupted Apk file on your Android device, then the chances of getting errors are increased, and it may crash the applications thoroughly.

The next reason for this error is that you might not have enabled the installations from Unknown Sources on your device. Now, if both the issues are not causing this error, then there might be a chance that the file you downloaded is not compatible with the hardware of your Operating System.

Perhaps, there might be some more reasons that may cause this error. Sometimes there is a chance that some security application on your device might not allow you to install any third-party apps.

Bobby Movie Box not Working

Fixing “There is a Problem Parsing the Package Error”

We have compiled a bunch of methods that will solve this error. Just give a try one by one to get rid of this error. Also, we have told you earlier that this error has various causes, so there are various solutions as well. So, without wasting any time let’s quickly get started.

Method #1: Allow Installations From Unknown Sources

The first method to fix this error is by enabling the installations from Unknown Sources. Now, if you haven’t enabled the installations of applications from third-party sources, then you must need to enable it before installing any package file.

So, to enable the Unknown Sources to follow the steps.

Settings > Security & Privacy > Tap on Unknown Sources

Method #2: Corrupted APK File

Now, if you have downloaded the corrupted Apk file or downloading process is not completed then also you might get this error. You can redownload the apk package file properly and then try again installing the applications. It might fix the error. But if you still facing the error, that means your Hardware OS does not support the applications go with the third method.

Method #3: Incompatible Application

There are a lot of apps which do not support older versions of Android. So, before downloading the Bobby Movie Box app on your device, make sure that your device is compatible with the application. For an example suppose that your device has Android 4.0 and the application you are trying to install requires Android Version 4.2+ then there are chances that you will end up facing Parse Packaging Error.

So, before installing any application, then you must first make sure that whether your device supports the application or not.

Method # 4: Disable the Antivirus

Those who have installed the Antivirus on your smartphone then you may end up facing this error. Sometimes Antivirus doesn’t allow you the installations from Unknown Sources. Also, they might find some files which have security issues or contains some deceiving files which may inject Malware hence causing the error Parse Error.

Method #5: Enable USB Debugging

The next solution to fix this Prase Error on Android devices by enabling USB debugging. Sometimes to install third-party app package file on your Android, you have to enable the USB Debugging. Now, if you have not enabled the USB Debugging then try enabling the USB Debugging and install the application again.

To enable the USB Debugging to follow the steps.

Go to Settings > Open Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging

Method #6 Verify App’s Manifest File

The last method to get rid of Prase Error is for those who keep messing up with the Android apps Manifest file. Now, if you have made some changes to apps Androidmanifest.xml file and then restore it to the normal state.

You also make sure that you have not changed the apk package file name if you have done so than reset it to the default. There are some other things which can be modified if you have modified the application then reset it to the default and try reinstalling it.

Ever wondered that you can now watch movies and latest TV shows on your iOS devices? Well, you can now watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Bobby Movie Box iOS.

What if the App is Not Working/Showing Errors?

  • Download any of the VPN
  • Clear the data and cache or update the Bobby Box HD
  • Reset App Preferences
  • Using an older version of the App will help eliminate any compatible issues

Important Links

Download Bobby Movie Box APK from here.

The Final Verdict

We’ve shared the complete methods and found the fix of Bobby Movie Box not working error and the reasons causing them.

If you’re facing a similar problem then you must follow the shared methods, and we hope it will fix the error for you.

Also, if you still keep getting the error, then you can use other movie streaming apps that let you watch movies and TV shows without spending even a single penny.

If you have any other methods rather than what we have shared, feel free to share with us. For any assistance or any query related to Prase Error then do comment in the comment section. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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