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Are you wondering about some easy off-page SEO techniques for generating backlinks?

If you are in any way related to website ranking and indexing, you must be aware of the importance of backlinks. Though there are many techniques for creating backlinks, one of the most popular and most accessible off-page methods is Directory submission.

So, in this content, I will discuss everything about the Directory submission technique and all its perks.

Directory submission sites- all you need to know about:

You must be aware of telephone directories, right?

So, for Directory submission sites also the same concept is applied, which is used for telephone directories. In Directory submission sites, websites’ links are categorized according to the subjects. It means that a web directory is a list of all the websites.

One thing you should always remember that before you submit your website to any directory, make sure that it is an authorized directory submission site. As there are a large number of spammers on the internet, so, be very careful while submitting the link to your site.

As you know that building links on any unauthorized directories may affect your Google rankings to a great extent; therefore, you should always submit the link of your website on some authorized directory submission site.

Whenever you submit the link of your website on any Directory submission site, always take care of the category. Make sure that whenever you submit the link to your website, you submit it in that specified category only. Submitting your link in the wrong category may degrade your ranking and may also hurt your indexing.

Benefits of Directory Submission Sites

Directory submission offers you so many perks. Let us have a glance at some of its benefits:

i) Increases Referring Domains

One of the major benefits of Directory submission sites is to increase referring domains of your site. And it is well-known to everyone that the sites that have more referring domains are always good. The reason behind this is that Google considers these links as a vote of confidence. So, the more the links are, the better is your website.

Don’t only focus on increasing the referring domains for your site; always maintain the quality of backlinks. Otherwise, growing referring domains will be of no use.

Before getting a link from any of the websites, always make sure that the website is authorized. To increase the number of backlinks for your sites, never get attracted to spams. If you do so, and Google catches you doing this, then you will not be able to rank your site high on Google.

ii) Improves Domain Authority of your Site

Another critical factor while making directory submission is ranking. These directories help you a lot to improve the authority of your domain. It also allows you to make your site stronger, and there are chances to increase the ranking of your site.

The higher the domain authority, the good is your website. And higher is the ranking.

Directory submission sites also help you a lot to increase your SERP ranking.

iii) Improves your Site’s Search Traffic

Now, you already know that these directory submission sites help you to increase your ranking on SERP, and hence it increases the search traffic of your website. If the content of your site is good enough, your search traffic will increase.

Make sure that you submit the link of your site on good directories. If you take care of the quality of the link as well quality of the site, the traffic of your site will automatically increase.

iv) Help you to Diverse your Link Building Profile

As you now know, that direct submission technique is an off-page SEO technique, and off-page SEO technique helps you a lot in the ranking, and hence it also allows you to get more and more organic traffic.

Hence, having several links from different domains is good. Having external links from social bookmarking sites, forum sites, profile creation sites, and web directory sites is good.

Working of directory submission sites:

Now, you must be thinking about how you can submit your links on these sites. So, follow these simple and easy steps for the same:

  •       Select some most popular and best directory submission sites.
  •       Select the site where you wish to submit your site or blog.
  •       Now, choose the appropriate category to which your blog belongs.
  •       At last, click on the add article button and fill all the necessary details such as URL, title, description, etc.

Difference between Paid Web Directories and Free Web Directories

There are two types of web directories, paid web directories and free web directories. Let us have a glance at both of these directories.

  •       Paid Web Directories

When it comes to authorization, paid web directories are always the first choice as it has significantly less chance of spam and illegality. So, if your budget is reasonable, you should always go for paid ones.

Another great advantage of using these directories is that in a very short while, it submits the links, and hence the sites in paid web directories get indexed first.

  •       Free Web Directories

If you are running out of budget, then, of course, you should opt for free web directories. But, as these directories are free, there are more chances of spams and some illegal issues.

So, if you are planning to go for free web directories, be careful while making a choice.

Over To You!

Though there are many different ways to create backlinks for your site, creating directory submission sites is one of the most important ways as it is an off-page SEO technique. These sites assist you in gaining more and more visibility on the web.

One thing you must keep in mind while submitting your links on these sites is that you do not submit the links on too many sites. It may have a negative impact sometimes.

So, it was all about directory submission sites. If you are looking for some technique that can help you to create backlinks, you must have liked this one.

I tried my best to share all the necessary details about directory submission sites with you. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact and ask.

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