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Rabb.it Alternatives

Rabb.it used to be an application that provided a way to watch web series and movies with your loved ones without having them sit in the same room. This excellent application allowed their users to watch TV and movies while chatting and sharing a video feed that can play in your web browser.

Basically, Rabb.it was an application that provided web-based services that simultaneously allows the users for group videos and text chats with video streaming.

‘Rabb.it shutting down’ and revamped to kast.gg (kast), which acquired the application with software stack, several patents, and intellectual property in July 2019. Moreover, this watch2gether type website officially stopped working a few months before May 2019.

Best Rabbit Alternatives

Here are 7 rabb.it alternatives to watch2gether videos and movies with your friends and family.


TogetherTube is one of the best alternatives to the rabbit, which provides excellent service with a handful of applications like YouTube, daily motions, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

Moreover, it works for you to provide services like watching videos and listening to music tracks in real-time.

Mainly, TogetherTube is a website like rabb.it, which either lets you create your private chat room or a public chat room. All the interface users in the chat room can vote for a specific video, which is from one of those supported platforms.

This watch2gether type website allows the room to created users to manipulate the settings of the room and even restrict a person or two from voting. Overall, TogetherTube provides a variety of features and thus is an excellent rabbit alternative.

TogetherTube App


BlaTube is an excellent user service provider website that contributes to its users with all the best features they can. Designed and developed in 2014, and since then, the team of BlaTube has proven to provide quality stuff to its users. 

All the services of BlaTube are free i.e., that you are not required to build or enter any information. You need not register and even then get access to its ravishing features. The supported content is more likely to be YouTube or Dropbox. 

The best advantage of BlaTube is that you can take control over some other synced PC, and there are various active rooms to participate. Indeed, BlaTube is a superb alternative to the rabbit because of its free and best quality services. 


Synaptop is a watch2gether type web-based service provider website which contributes significantly to let you watch videos and chat with your friends and family who are at distinct locations. 

All the services offered by synaptop are free; you only need to register to their system, and then you are all set to create an account and then add apps. The added apps can benefit numerous occasions and are proven to be a remote desktop for sharing and providing all types of content. 

The added apps are web-based, which indicates that you do not need to download anything. The best advantage of synaptop is that it has its own list of movies to choose from; this feature lessens the efforts to find new movies. Overall, Synaptop is a user-friendly website and proven Rabb.it alternatives.


Syncplay is a program developed to provide services like playing music and videos and being connected with your friends and family who are accessing the same files in sync. 

It offers a downloadable program that you have to install on computers or laptops of your friends and family, including you. Once the software installs, it launches the media center synced between connected users, and thus provides a free to use platform for almost all the video formats.

This downloadable syncplay program is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux type operating systems. 

Overall, the Syncplay program is one of the best in the market and can easily dominate and replace the place of ‘apps like rabb.it.’

Netflix Party ~ Winner Rabb.it Alternatives

Netflix’s party is an application built for Google Chrome as a browser extension to share. But to start sharing with your friends and family, they need to install the extension before sharing. 

As the installation of Netflix party extension completes, you simply need to log in to your Netflix account and select a video. Proceeding with this, you can start inviting your friends and family to watch2gether and chat in real-time as the video plays along.

Alternatives to Rabbit

This extension solely function is to provide services for Netflix users and not to work with other streaming platforms or local content. Despite having the issue, it offers superb quality synced Netflix experience to the viewers. Netflix party extension could be the most limited but the most efficient alternatives to Rabb.it.

Explorii App

This particular application is attached with all the necessary information you would like to know about specific countries. In other words, this new mobile app optimizes for connecting and exploring the world for its food, fashion, culture, habits, etc.

Features of this exciting application consist of providing Chatting capabilities, group video calls, private rooms for watching movies, instant messaging for free with friends and family, and the best of these is to offer the facility to calls over the internet. 

The Explorii App is an all-in-one application that certainly is the best alternatives to the rabbit. 


Tutturu.tv is a highly innovative shared browser service which offers its user to invite friends to their room and take control over the visited shared virtual browser turn wise. 

Tutturu provides features like private rooms with integrated text chat and voice chat system, and the team is working for video chat which should be soon available. It also synchronizes any website, allowing its users to access any website they desire to watch2gether.

Tutturu is free for all website but in case of high traffic can charge Up for $5 subscription (optional). Overall, Tutturu performs best for its user and is similar ‘websites like rabb.it’

The Conclusion

Living in distinct places creates a sense of sickness in the absence of friends and family whom you love. Download any of the rabb.it alternative from the list. All the apps mentioned on our list are personally tested.

If we have forgotten to add any of the rabb.it alternatives do enlighten them in the comment section. For any queries or suggestions, leave a comment below. For more latest stuff bookmark our blog guidebulls.com.

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