Top 12 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux!

Crazy for Apple devices? If yes, then you must be very familiar with iTunes. In this era of technologies, almost everyone is familiar with iTunes, but still, let us have a brief discussion over best iTunes alternatives for those who haven’t even heard the name before.

iTunes is a media player, media library, or mobile management application used to transfer music files to Apple devices such as iPhone 7, iPhone XS(max), iPad Pro, or iPod touch.

Hopefully, now you must have got a brief idea about iTunes. iTunes has always impressed everyone with its charm, elegance, and easy functionalities, but there are many alternatives also available, which can give iTunes a tough competition.

Best iTunes Alternatives in 2020

All the iTunes alternatives available on the list are personally tested. So, you can download any one of this just according to your needs.

i) dr. fone—Transfer(Android)

dr. fone is a simple media player that manages files on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. With the help of the player, you can add music, videos, apps, etc. from a PC to an XR, iPhone (XS) Max, etc.

Without any limitation, it can manage, transfer, and organize music as well as playlists. Moreover, you can transfer music from a computer system to other devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc. Even, you can transfer data without erasing the actual data. You can use your Android devices with iTunes as well.

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The media player not only helps you to transfer files between PC and other devices but, it also helps you to manage, import/export your music, photos, videos, etc.

With complete support for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, it helps you to back up your music, videos, and other data to the computer system and restore them.

Overall, dr.fone is the best iTunes alternative that lets you transfer photos, videos, contacts, apps as well as more from PC to iPhone, iPad, iPod.

ii) CopyTrans

CopyTrans is again one of the most preferred alternatives over iTunes. The primary function of the CopyTrans is to transfer music, photos, videos as well as contact. You can transfer files from PC to iPhone, iPad, iPod, and that too without using the iTunes process.

Only Windows users can take its benefit as its Mac version is not yet available. It is straightforward to transfer data via CopyTrans. 

The player supports Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP. It costs $29.99. The drawback with the player is that it doesn’t transfer .wma and doesn’t even detect music automatically when you plugged in the device.

iii) MusicBee

MusicBee is much more than only a player. With the help of MusicBee, you can organize and manage your music collection in a better way. Via MusicBee, you can import your library to get started. Not only this, but you can also specify other folders to include.

Note that at the time of writing, MusicBee is available only for Windows. It has two versions, the regular desktop software and a portable app that doesn’t need to be installed.

Next, if we talk about appearance, MusicBee is a bit different from iTunes. However, the best part is it is highly customizable when it comes to screen layout and the use of skins. Sound levels can be tweaked using a 15-band equalizer, and you can also sync your music with mobile devices.

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MusicBee helps you to a great extent by keeping your music collection in order. Not only this, but MusicBee also does an excellent job by assisting you with your automatic tagging files, offering ripping support, and pulling in all manner of helpful data such as album art and track lyrics.

It also has a splendid collection of add-ons through which you can download from the MusicBee website to further extend the capabilities of the program like network device support, extra audio tweaking options, and many more, including a host of visualizations.

MusicBee is a highly recommended iTunes alternative, must try it.

iv) MediaMonkey

Just like other media players, MediaMonkey can be installed in a general way or as a portable app if you want to move data from computer to computer via a USB drive.

In terms of management, the program performs a splendid job, but the interface is not too impressive. The media player handles tagging very nicely, and the skinnable, customizable interface is more than enough to keep everyone happy.

Alternatives for iTunes

If you decide to level up and upgrade to the paid-for Gold version of MediaMonkey, you’ll benefit from improved performance when ripping, automatic background library updates, and other extra features such as auto-playlists.

MediaMonkey is said to be the perfect replacement for iTunes, and you can even use it to sync music to your iPod or iPhone if you keep iTunes installed. A free version is more than enough for most of the users.

v) PodTrans

PodTrans is not so similar to iTunes, in fact, instead of copying all the features of iTunes, the player believes in keeping everything minimal.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is straightforward to transfer music between your computers, iPhone, or iPad. It is available for both PC and Mac, and the aim is to make everyday management as quick and simple as possible. It may not serve as a complete iTunes replacement, but it certainly goes some of the ways, and it worth checking out.

The pro version is also very reliable, as it is incredible in terms of synchronization and phone management options. The pro version is only if you want some additional features, but if you are looking for basics, you could go with a free version; there is no need for the pro version.

vi) foobar2000

foobar2000 is not the most attractive or modern-looking program ever created, but looks can swindle you. While the program might look like a blast from the past, it is highly customizable and immensely powerful. So, there are chances that you may get misguided.

It’s fair to say that you do start with a music player that looks basic and even has fairly basic functionality, but there are endless add-ons available that can be used to tailor your needs. You can use foobar2000 to extend your music library thanks to supporting for CD ripping, and the range of supported playback formats is vast. There is also a version for iOS to support the desktop software.

iTunes Alternatives

For some people, however, foobar2000 will quickly become too complicated. It can get confusing to have to work with so many plugins, but if you are willing to put in the effort, the rewards are great.

vii) Clementine

Clementine design to overcome the drawbacks of Amarok, as many users didn’t appreciate the player.

Users may not find Clementine as impressive as other players on the list, but it does the job pretty well. The player is enough to satisfy users’ needs as it includes splendid features like library management, tag editing, music playback, and many more.

Music lovers will definitely love the player as it provides you interesting information such as lyrics of the current playing song, number of times a particular track has been played by other people on the, etc. In addition to your locally stored music, you can also use Clementine to tune into online radio stations, listen to podcasts, and stream music from cloud storage. 

viii) WinX Mediatrans

WinX MediaTrans is also a great iTunes alternative. It brings all those features which you are looking for in a media player.

It is super easy to use at an unparalleled level, all thanks to its flawless interface. To make use of WinX MediaTrans, there is no need to install iTunes, and you can just install and get started with the media player.

The most important thing to remember is that on systems running low-end hardware, iTunes can disable its performance. But MediaTrans will not let you go through such obstacles.

Via MediaTrans, you can transfer photos, videos, and other music-related items from your iPhone to Windows. It also comes with a ringtone maker and a pre-loaded video converter.

WinX Mediatrans tool like iTunes

The player allows you to transfer several iOS files daily, and it also keeps on renewing these files regularly. 

MediaTrans also helps you to synchronize music and other files if you have already installed iTunes. For a user, nothing can be better than a super-easy interface, and you will quickly get used to it. With a built-in video converter and ringtone maker, it attracts everyone with its excellent performance even for machines that run low-end hardware.

ix) Ecoute

Ecoute is made only for macOS and iOS and comes with a super-easy and user-friendly interface. You can import your entire iTunes library, and for an effective alternative, it also provides support for connecting social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The player helps you in many ways like:

  • Connecting the program to Facebook and Twitter is very simple.
  • A dedicated iOS app will replace the native music player.
  • Automatically detects and updates your music library via iTunes.
  • The unique interface makes it easy to use.

As nothing is perfect, Ecoute also has some drawbacks. It provides support to only Mac and iOS, and many users might find it challenging to interact with a different interface.

x) SynciOS

As the name implies, SynciOS is best when it comes to the management of synchronized contents of your iOS device. It provides all the features you need on a hardcore music management suite.

SynciOS helps you to make a backup of all your device content and synchronize many items such as wallpapers, ringtones, books, photos, music, videos, etc. While it will only be available for Windows, this freeware is only downloaded as a free version, negating the need to use a paid version at all.

The player can be impressive for you in the following aspects:

  • Media transfer can take place in both ways.
  • You can backup your content.
  • You can sync pretty much anything ranging from wallpapers, books, images, videos, music, and more.
  • There is no paid version for SynciOS.

The only limitation with the player is that it is available only for Windows.

xi) Tomahawk

Tomahawk appears more like a social network than a media management suite. In short, there are lots of features that will make this a worthy alternative to iTunes. Streaming services ranging from YouTube and Spotify are available, but you will still have to opt for the premium plan to use these.

One feature that does stand out when using Tomahawk is wide-range compatibility. At present, the software provides support for a total of four operating systems, although the surprising thing is that there is no version for iOS available on the website.

Tomahawk is highly impressive as it keeps everything it supports a vast number of streaming several services, such as YouTube, Spotify, etc. You can also use the player as a social tool and create custom stations to keep track of others’ activities.

It doesn’t provide iOS support, and you will not get all the features in the free version, for that, you have to switch to the premium version.

xii) DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is available for both Windows and Mac. It is an all-around data management tool with the help of which you can control your iPhone iPad files.

No matter for upgrading iOS, switching to a new device, or backing up iOS data. DearMob iPhone Manager provides both the laziest solution of one-click whole backup & restore and the most delicate solution to export & import files selectively by category. The category includes photos, music, videos, contacts, SMS, Books, Apps, etc. Better, for those exported files like personal photos, videos, and contact info, the iPhone manager grants you the power to password protect and lock them down from prying eyes everywhere.

Dearmob iPhone Management Tool

The player has attracted everyone with its exciting features and easy interface. But, there is a downfall too, there is no wireless transfer.

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The Conclusion

We always look for multiple options for a particular thing or task, and that’s the purpose of this article. We wanted to let you know that there are not only iTunes when it comes to the media player, but there are many other players too.

These were some best and most preferred iTunes alternatives. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask us. If you know something more about iTunes alternatives, definitely share it with us. We will be glad to have a two-way conversation.

I hope the content must have been helpful.

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