{List} Best Games Like Stardew Valley that Keeps you Busy in Farming

Stardew Valley is a fun game that offers many enjoyable hours with its plethora of exciting content and elements. However, if you’re ready, then there are plenty of games like stardew valley that can ensure your optimal enjoyment.

In this article, we are going to talk about games like Stardew Valley, which is a charming farm simulator game. However, I never took the turn to take over the PC genre. Moreover, there is no shortage of pc games like stardew valley and mobile games like stardew valley.

Best Games Like Stardew Valley

The following list of games consists of gameplay that focuses on building relationships and fertilization while some focuses on crafting and creating custom gameplay. Earlier finding games like Stardew Valley was hard; however, our team has done a lot of hard work for you and hand-picked some games that are easily replaceable for best farm stardew valley games.


Originally developed by Marvelous Inc., Brownie Inc, and published on Steam on October 10, 2019. Doraemon: Story of Season is also a game like stardew valley on Steam and provides loads of enjoyment and fun hours.

The game improvises on the characters of the famous child show Doraemon and gives the best impression to those who have watched the show. It provides a superb watercolor contrast to which the player needs to play the role of Noby and do rural activities like planting fields of crops, making friends, and attending festivals in the town of Natura.

Overall, the game was genuinely inherent to the HM series, but the developers lost the rights to continue. Moreover, they forsaken to rebrand which got them higher review scores than many other games like stardew valley.

Games Like Stardew Valley


The developers of My Time At Portia are Pathea games, and the published date on Steam was January 23, 2018.

My Time At Portia heavily nested with its content and rare 3D town sim, which gives a feeling of stardew valley best farm type game providing innovative and flexible tracks to collect and refine resources from all around the island. On the little land of Portia, you are left by your father to deed to his old and grumpy workshop. The game offers to contract with the locals of the island and provide them the resources from the island.


The resource which are required need some special suits and machinery which you build and place in your workshop. My Time At Portia is more combat than the games like Stardew Valley as dungeons may attack and try to collect your loot and crafting components.

Throughout the game, you got married by one of the eligible folk girls in the town by eventually dating and delivering goods and gifts.


World’s Dawn is a game developed and designed by Wayward Prophet and published on January 25, 2016, on Steam. It is one of those pc game like Stardew Valley, which follows the Harvest Moon formula with questionable quality.

This exceptional game offers the same features as Stardew Valley and allows the users to build the profile of being friends and marrying the village girls. You can also sell crops, fish, attend festivals, and bring prosperity back to a still village.

WORLD'S DAWN Game Review

All the plots of the world’s Dawn are predominant, and you need not choose your path.

Overall, World’s Dawn is full of action and cute characters that may stop you from putting up some petty complaints. If you like games like Stardew Valley and can enjoy it with a pinch of different flavors, then World’s Dawn is the best option for you.


Harvest Moon: Developed and published by Natsume Inc., the Mad Dash hit the market on October 29, 2019. The game supports plenty of platforms like Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, which allows the game to set new standards for the games like Stardew Valley and is all about doing things fast.

You are assigned to short-timed minigames and can expect all the things which a farmer does like selling crops, cutting crops, and much more. If you have somehow lost your interest, then this genre of the game might bring you back from its casual approach.

Overall, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is a good replacement for games like Stardew Valley as it fits with the simplified gameplay and introduces some insane addiction to farming sims to your friends and family.



Initially, the game was developed and published by Nintendo for its own platform Nintendo switch on March 20, 2020, and is easily available on Amazon.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons is filled with advanced farming sim RPG genre and maintains a kid-oriented image that can easily fool you with its plethora of serious depth content.

The game allows you to build your own town from scratch and follow your own path. Stardew Valley might get all the attention, but Animal Crossing is one of the oldest games in the Industry, and New Horizons has improved its previous drawback and improved in the farming sim RPG world.



STRANDED SAILS: EXPLORERS OF THE CURSED ISLANDS was developed by Lemonbomb Entertainment and published by Maple Whispering Limited, roleplay. The game is available for many platforms, namely PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Apple Arcade, and released on 17 October 2019.

The game is supposedly nautically themed, and you inherit the farm from your fellow trope. As the ship crashes into an island and the leadership role falls on the shoulder of his son.


The game requires more complex skills. Furthermore, as you play the game you start unlocking the special power and abilities.

Now, if you are interested in games like Stardew Valley, then you definitely fall for this nautically themed RPG farming game.

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Start Playing Now

I hope this list has provided you some food of thought that you think while selecting for games like Stardew Valley. Free games like Stardew Valley are not hard to find, but investing fee dollars on your enjoyment might give you some best games like Stardew Valley.

Now, it’s up to you which game you like the most after watching their gameplay and more. Our team has tried hard to compile the list of best alternatives of Stardew Valley.

Still, Confused?

Do leave a comment below if you’re still not able to decide which game to select. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions, do enlighten them in the comment section.

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