{Alternatives} 10 Best Battle Brothers Mods in 2020!

Ever thought of improvising your game performance? Well, if yes, then you might know about game mods. Now, if you don’t, then I would definitely let you know in this article.

Games Mods are the tools that can help you enhance your game graphics, FPS, or Frame Per Second, as well as the speed of the game. Now, today I have picked up one of the popular game Battle Brothers and tell you the best mods for it.

So, without wasting time, lets quickly get hands-on some of the best Battle Brothers Mods recommendations.

Best Battle Brothers Mods

Here are the best battle-brothers mods currently available in the market.

i) Legends Battle Brothers Mods

If you’re looking for a mod that can help you revamp the game, then Legends is the best available in the market. It comes with the new backgrounds including Vala, Crusader, Noble, Ranger as well as Battle Sisters.

In legends battle brothers mods, you have 25 scenarios from where you can choose. The new weapons, armor, a campaign system with new assignments, new perks as well as challenging enemies are some of the things which you get.

Overall, if you’re bored with the old vanilla style game, then you must occupy the Legends mod. Now, as mods disturb some of the things and you have to be stay alert as it can unbalance something to the original game.

Battle Brothers Mods 1

ii) Modding Script Hooks

The modding script hooks let you install multiple mods simultaneously. Moreover, the modding script hooks check the compatibility between two mods and then comes into play.

The main highlight of the mod is it won’t overwrite the original files of the mod.

iii) Tweak and Fixes

The tweak and fixes are one of the qualities which can help you collect various mods and specific aspects of the game. It can help you can pick and choose the mods. Examples include no bad traits on companions, craft masterwork bows, no pay raise, no fog of war, and more.

iv) Faster

The actual purpose of the mods is to enhance the performance, graphics as well as FPS. In short, the mods speed up the overall game and movement without harming the original files of the game. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a mod that is used to enhance speed combats and escorting caravans, then definitely check this out.

v) Additional Keybinds

One of the additional features of the Battle Brothers Mods is the Keybinds. It is a kittle QOL improvement done in the various keybinds. It can quickly recover the rotate, shield wall, and more with bros. The keybinds does come with the swapping bagged items.

Additionally, this battle brothers mod contains the swappable items. Moreover, it can swap to daggers for the sweet armor. Overall, you don’t even have to unzip the main files, drop the file into the Battle Brothers Data folder and bingo.

vi) Increase Champion Spawn Rate Mod

The increase in spawn rate means you can quickly find the named items faster than usual. A great addition in the late game is the thing that matters the most. Overall, this mod can enhance the spawn rate from 1% to 50% and that’s more than enough.

vii) Get Loot Without Last Hit

With the use of battle brother’s legends mods, one can easily save a lot of time and effort in switching to daggers and trying to time last hits. You can now just need not to worry about the last hitting enemies.

One of the main high light of this mods is it is easy to install. You just need to drop the files in the data folder.

viii) Craft Armor and Shields

The next mod featured on our list can help you develop the powerful Armor and shields. The thing that the original or vanilla battle-brothers game sorely miss is the crafting options. With the help of legends mod, you can craft powerful armor and shields with the regular items and ingredients from monsters.

ix) Tryout Talents Alternative

The thing which might irritate you in the Battle Brothers game is the randomness with the recruiting new bros. You can’t be able to see the traits as well as the talents until the paying money to try them.

Overall, the mod fixes the traits and talent as the hiring process.

x) Better Combat Log

The improvised combat log means you can extend the combat log down so that you can see more of it and shows morale check results.

This mod actually makes the combat log approximately twice as long as to compensate for the extra information. The version of the mod is provided by the original log size.

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The Conclusion

So, far I have tried to mention some of the best battle brothers mods currently available in the market. Now, if you still think which one you have to choose, then I will recommend you to add the mod according to your needs.

Still, confused?

If you think that we have forgotten to add any of the popular mods of the battle brothers, enlighten them in the comment section. For any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section.

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