Apps to Backup Your Android Phone – Top 12 Best Android Backup Apps {2020}

Are you looking for the best apps to backup your Android phone without root? Well, backup software is computer programs that come into play to do backup tasks by creating sustainable and supplementary exact copies of files, databases, and other applications of an entire console.

Backup is a complete process of making a full copy of your system. Indeed, backup is among one of the most common things which should take regularly. As the backup process is crucial, either you hate it or not, but still, you need to have backup software as it is highly recommended.

In scenarios like updating phones, restoring the phone to factory settings, or trying to upgrade to custom ROM, users find their files deleted and then regrets while doing essential tasks again. But the users who took the initiative to back up their system are filled with joy as backup comes as a saviour and your data come back.

Top 12 Apps to Backup Your Android Phone Without Root

The process of backup might be tricky, but it is all worth it because if something goes wrong, you have your backup files ready to tune in. However, this backup software might cost you some dollars because protecting your privacy and confidentiality is always an overall profit—the benefits of this software found in times of need.

So, in the guide, we will help you to install these top-notch Apps to Backup your Android Phone without root, and you don’t even need to go for the installation of a PC suite separately.

1. App Backup & Share Pro

The APP BACKUP & SHARE PRO application is one of the finest software for backup purposes and provides backing up the data of your Android without rooting your smartphone. The app offers multiple features like management, backup, restore, share software, and many more.

This particular application provides you with specialized features and lets you back up any data from SD card or internal smartphone or tablet memory. Moreover, you can backup data of your device using USB via OTG or any cloud storage. The most incredible feature is that it allows regular sharing of system apps from your smartphone via different sharing sources to other smartphones or tablets.

All Backup & Share Pro

The sharing feature comes in various apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and many other applications. You can quickly start saving your data in some cloud storage like OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and then the app will automatically save your data one-by-one. You are the owner of 3 inbuilt themes which you can use later to customize.

2. Backup Your Mobile

Backup your mobile is another triggering application to backing up all the device data. The application is free but does come with ads; however, you’ll neglect it when considered the benefits of the app. You can use the Apps to Backup Your Android Phone including SMS, MMS call logs, and many more mobile data. The main highlight of ‘Backup Your Mobile’ is that you’re allowed to save your WiFi password, APN numbers, and other user dictionaries.

Backup Your Mobile ~ 2

You can save the data in an SD card or cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. To avoid malfunctions, you need to restore the system settings on another device running on the same android version. The application has got some old touch but gets the job done effectively.

3. Easy Backup: Contacts Export & Restore

The next free application on the list is EASY BACKUP: CONTACTs EXPORT And RESTORE, which is available for backing up your contacts. This particular app lets you generate back up, including the contacts on your device and save them in the file .vcf format.

The app is optimized to backup your contacts in a single click, and then you can email them to your address for further backup purposes.

EASY BACKUP: Contacts EXPORT and RESTORE uses .vcf file format for its convenient restore extension because of its high readability on all smartphones.

Easy Backup Android

The application has an easy to use interface which allows you to backup your contacts even with internet access and is supported by several brands like Google, Yahoo, Exchange, LinkedIn, or any kind of provider. Furthermore, you can also backup your data on any cloud storage like OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google drive. One of the best features of this application is the availability of the app in 15 other languages making it one of a kind.

4. App Backup & Restore

A personally recommended application and by far the most efficient application is APP BACKUP & RESTORE. It’s easy to use interface provides various features to extract, share, edit any APK file within the application. The best advantage of the application is that it allows you to take apps to backup your Android phone either on your SD card or any cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. The key feature of APP BACKUP & RESTORE is that it allows you to create a batch backup of your APK or app data.

This particular application is built to provide optimum performance and allows you to create your app store and share apps with other Devices via different platforms. The automatically generated backup system sends you notification of backup done. Overall, this multi-purpose app provides not just features to backup your data but also includes mobile security scanner, app refresh, cache cleaner, and much more.

5. Helium – App Sync and Backup

HELIUM – APP SYNC AND BACKUP is an application which backups your smartphone data without the requirement of rooting the smartphone. You get powerful features packed up with to back up your app or data and then sync it with cloud storage, or in either case, you can save it on SD card. If you want to set your own time in which backup should occur, then you can set up schedules to create a backup of your file to restore them in the future.

It’s efficient and easy to use interface allows you to use this application to create backups. Moreover, the app does not disturb you with annoying ads and lets you sync your files from one Android smartphone to another. Thus, the application provides automatic synchronization and supports cloud storage, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

6. Resilio Sync

Based on modern design and implementation of different restore techniques is the RESILIO SYNC application. RESILO Sync App voted for one of the best cloud storage by the majority of generic users. Features offered by this app are somewhat different from others. One of the best features of the application is that it allows your backup to save on your computer. This advanced feature ensures that other than you, no one is eligible to obtain your data.

Resilio Sync ~ 4

There is no shortage of storage as you can as much as your hard drive offers. The application is design to create automatic backups of your photos and videos. RESILIO SYNC supports plenty of devices ranging from Mac, PC, tablets to servers from anywhere. 

7. G Cloud Backup

G CLOUD BACKUP is the application that is designed specifically for device storage backup in which you can either manually or automatically save your data. You can create a backup of MS messages, contacts, photos, videos, and other numerous files on G cloud backup.

G Cloud Backup ~ 5

This particular application lets you to backup some settings and other data in an organized time frame so that you can revert to the same time and restore your data from then. The app provides you with a space of 1GB, which you can extend up to 10GB on external use. The app offers various protection methods and allows for secure data transfer. Moreover, you can share seamlessly with all the supported platforms via different sources. 

8. Dropbox

Most of the android users must have heard the name of Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud storage application that allows you to save your files and then save it in your Dropbox cloud storage. The most incredible feature of this application is that you can access your backup just by logging in to your Dropbox account from anywhere.

This particular application provides you features like sending, saving, collaborating on team projects. Moreover, the application sends a real-time notification in cases of changes or updates. One of the best benefits of the app is that you can convert whiteboard or receipts into PDFs with the inbuilt document scanner.

Dropbox Backup Service ~ 6

The application lets you create backups of almost anything, and then you can easily access them whenever you want. The interface of the Dropbox application is very smooth and offers manual as well as automatic backups of your files.

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9. All Backup Restore

The ALL BACKUP RESTORE application is for Android and offers features to create a binding backup of your contacts, call logs, SMS, browser history, or calendars and restore them whenever you want. The app uses Google drive, which makes it very easy to access in times of need. The application allows you to create the backup of any app and then restore them with just one click.

Moreover, the backups of call logs and dates are perfectly synchronized to get all the memorable times from your old phone to restore them to your new phone. All backup restore offers automatic backup of all your data and apps, which you change in settings to set it to manual. You will be timely notified of backup and will be able to set schedules for backup of your data and then sync it to your Google account.

10. Google Drive

One of the most popular and well-known cloud backup and storage options available for your smartphone is the Google Drive app. You can save everything, including images, videos, documents, or any files to your Google storage and access them from anywhere in the world. The application supports all your devices, including PC, phones, laptops, tablets, and more. 

This particular application provides features like no other app. One of the most incredible features is that you can send/share any file and set the access permission to your shared folder who can then edit, view, or comment.

Google Drive App ~ 7

You can access any of the files stored in your Google drive very easily, and the best part is that you need not have any network connection i.e., offline. Moreover, you get access to storage of 13GB, which is more than enough for any file. 

11. Swift Backup

SWIFT BACKUP is another popular application that allows you to create the backup and restore any data or files on your android smartphones. This application depends on Google sign in because the application runs on devices that have Google apps installed. 

You are allowed to create a backup of anything which includes apps, SMS, call logs, applied wallpapers, and much more. In case you need to root your phone, then you can also backup and restore your app data. The application supports several cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, nextcloud, and much more.

Swift Backup Android App ~ 8

This app contains a premium version which unlocks batch backups/restore options for apps and many more exciting features like schedule backup for apps, call logs and messaging, creating a launcher icon shortcut, etc.

12. Super Backup and Restore

SUPER BACKUP AND RESTORE is one of the best and highly rated backup and restore applications on Google play store. This particular application provides features that help you to create backups of your apps, contacts, text messages, call history, bookmarks, and much more to your SD card, email, or Google drive.

Super Back & Restore ~ 9

The app allows you to share any installed apk to your friends and family with just one click. However, some of the advanced features are only unlocked when root access is provided to the app to back up the app data. You can automatically schedule a backup of files and data to your Google Drive, and then further, you can download the files from there. 

The Conclusion

All the applications, as mentioned above, are subjects to provide you with services that can help you whenever you lose your data. Backup is a featureful process that might seem somewhat irritating at first, but in worst-case scenarios comes back handy—all in all, these applications list to ease your work and backup your android phone with root.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and hit the install button of any of these Top 12 Apps to Backup Your Android Phone without having the root access.

Also, tell us in the comments which of the featured application from the above list you found most useful and why? Share your experience if you are using any worthy application which should be on the list.

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