{News} Apple’s Browser Safari Blocks Third-Party Tracking

Yesterday Apple announced that their browser Safari is now the best browser for blocking third-party cookies. Even the company claims that their browser will prevent the cookies from identifying user’s web activity. Therefore, Apple’s default browser or Safari browser is by far, one of the best choices for stopping third-party trackers.

Best Browser for Third-Party Tracking

The Safari now beats Google Chrome to block the third-party tracking web activity of the users. Moreover, you can now read further details on the official WebKit developer blog. However, the guide present on the WebKit site is for web developers, so if you’re not the developer, it might be a little bit difficult to understand.

Some further details of the Safari’s ITP or Intelligent Tracking Prevention are it now blocks all the third-party cookies by default. When it is first introduced in the year 2017, ITP expects something more, but websites are able to use all the user activity after being blocked by the browser.

With the latest update and few changements, the ITP will now block all the third-party tracking and thus disables the workarounds. But even after so many complex algorithms still, some of the websites can track your cookie storage. However, it gets auto-deleted after fix 7 days.

So, that’s all about the latest update of Apple’s Safari Browser. Now, if you’re an Apple user, then there you go. But if you’re an Android user, then some good news for you is also their ~ Google announces that they will be soon rolling out a similar change on Chrome by 2022.

For now, Safari is amongst the best browser to beat third-party tracking. As you know that all the browsers can be beefed up with extensions, advanced settings, and it becomes more secure with tools like VPNs.

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Safari Browser

Safari Browser is by far the best web browser for your Mac, iPhone, as well as iOS devices. It is one of the handy tools that can help you save you a lot of time, effort as well as money. Safari for Mac is one of the fastest browsers you ever used on your Mac.

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